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Durwell Equine Naturals

Focus + Zen LT+ Calming Chews for Horses

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What are they? Focus + Zen LT+ chews promote calm and focus without sedation

What do they do? Help support calm behavior and help maintain normal composure to environmentally induced stress e.g. horse shows, weather changes, etc. Helps the horse stay focused.


  • Approved by Health Canada and BSCG Certified Drug Free
  • Promotes calm and focus
  • Can be used to improve any training session
  • Helpful in stressful situations such as trailering, shoeing, show & events, etc.
  • Can be used in combination with RH+ chews and / or Cool + Zen


  • Focus + Zen LT+ (VPN# NN.N6N3): CALM & FOCUS
  • Focus + Zen RH+ (VPN# NN.D5B0): RELAX

Recommended Serving: 

Give chew orally. Intended for horses over the age of 2 years.
Under 500 Kg horse: 1 chew for mild external stressors (e.g. weather changes), 2 chews for moderate external stressors (e.g. trailering, shoeing, clinics and horse showing).

500 Kg or greater: 2 chews for mild external stressors (e.g. weather changes) and 3 chews for moderate external stressors (e.g. trailering, shoeing, clinics and horse showing). 

 Storage:  Room temperature. Once opened use within 1 month.

Cautions:  Do not use in immature (under 2), pregnant or lactating animals. Not for use in horses intended for food.

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From our customers:

I love the whole Durwell Product line. Curc + Care worked so well and fast as an anti-inflammatory. I saw a major improvement in older arthritic horses in a matter of 2 or 3 doses. The Focus+ Zen calming chews reduced anxiety and muscle tension. I can't believe they work in 30 minutes and that they improve focus without taking the good energy!!! - Laura Grant, Glenwood Training

My young horse is not always rideable, he doesn't come off as hot or anxious - just bossy and opinionated. He is a spoiled giant at 18 hands and 5 years old. He gets 2 [calming chews] before we ride and he has been a saint every single day. - Sophie G

Amazing! Yukon is an ex-bucking horse that was recently restarted, giving him one bite on days where he’s been out of training for a week or on a windy/too many birds in the arena kinda day have made all the difference. The LT takes the edge off for him without getting him “paranoid” as to why he feels more relaxed. Blessing to have in my training tool kit!   -Grace

The calming chews are life-changing for my horses. We would have to ride for an hour just to get them leveled out for the show ring and now 2 chews and it's straight from stall to warm up. - Liz

After starting my pony on the chews I noticed a major difference in our rides. They helped him to focus on his job especially in the show ring. His normal distractions were no longer an issue and he didn’t bat an eye at the scarier jumps. I now use the bites on all the horses I ride for a more focused and happy horse. -Lauren S  & Butter

 Durwell Equine Naturals' calming chews worked so well, I am super impressed😍 It was my horse's first time trail riding with me and we were told she hated trails and was very anxious. She was not stressed or anything! 😁 I am so happy about the results and will need to order more to keep her happy out on trail! Thank you so much 😊 – Reese & Penny

 Durwell Equine Naturals' calming chews have immensely improved my horse Lenny's overall performance by delivering extremely calming effects to keep him calm in the show ring, as well as during warm up. – Lauren & Lenny