What we Do

At Durwell Equine Naturals, we want to help your horse thrive. Horses that are athletes need supplementation which depends on their training and competition schedule. In many cases, soreness makes a horse unable to move properly. These situations are horse specific and we have products to help.  We think there should be supplements that are aimed at keeping horses sound and ready to partner with their riders for a long career.  Keeping each horse strong (Dur) and Well.  The inspiration for starting this company came from us keeping our own horses in optimal health and we wanted these products to be available to the greater equine community.

We are always willing to help with problems you may have with your horse for which our products may be able to help.

Feel free to email us with questions:  info@durwell-equine.com


 Why we started

It began with our horse, Falcon. As a Belgian Warmblood, he had stocky legs and was showing early signs of Cushing's. He also sustained a suspensory ligament injury which took a year to heal. In an effort to heal Falcon, a journey was undertaken during which we learned a great deal about the benefits of nutritional supplements. With a keen interest in science, the Durwell family (with 3 bio-science Ph.D.’s within the team!) felt it was important to research many options, which lead to the novel products we designed. Having now used these products in many horses, we know it is imperative to find the right combination of food and supplements to restore and maintain the health of our equine friends.