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Durwell Equine Naturals

Curc + Care: Anti-inflammatory Support for Horses

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Inflammation and Immunity support

400 g (40 servings) and 1.2 Kg (120 servings)

Concentrated Curcumin BioBDMC30™ is highly potent and fast acting. It works to provide rapid relief and optimal performance on the strength of 30% bisdemethoxycurcumin (BDMC), compared to the 1-3% BDMC found in regular curcumin extract. 


  • Competition safe:  tested and does not contain any banned substances
  • Supports body's ability to reduce inflammation & joint pain
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Works fast (hours) instead of days
  • BDMC improves curcumin stability, bioavailability and prolonged survival in blood.
  • BDMC inhibits NF-kB and MSK1, as well as COX-2, to combat multiple factors causing inflammation. Regular curcumin only inhibits NF-kB.
  • BDMC offers 565,000 ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) units per gram. Regular curcumin has an ORAC of just 9,500 units.

From our Customers:

"Curc & Care has helped my gelding in a variety of areas. I initially tried it when friends suggested it may help with his bizarre bumps that vets looked at and couldn’t explain. Within the first month of being on it all the bumps went away, and the product also helped him manage his other allergy symptoms! I also noticed his legs felt tighter than they ever have, and to ride he was keen and supple. I LOVE this product and highly recommend trying it! " Natasha R

"Curc + Care, this product healed my horse within 2 weeks. The smoke from the fires, caused inflammation in her lungs which made her weak and unridable. So happy she stopped coughing and choking and regained her strength to go trail riding again. Thanks for giving me the information and speedy delivery!" – Sharon & Tia

"Since putting my 19 year old horse Tino on Durwell’s Curc + Care I have noticed a significant change in his energy and movement! His legs are all nice and tight and it cured his uveitis which we were battling with for three months and not getting results from Veterinary grade products. My horse has never felt better - this supplement is magic!" -Paige & Tino

"I love the whole Durwell Product line. The Curc + Care worked so well and fast as an anti-inflammatory. I saw a major improvement in older arthritic horses in a matter of two or 3 doses The Focus+ Zen bites reduced anxiety and muscle tension. I can't believe they work in 30 minutes and that they improve focus without taking the good energy!!!" – Laura Grant, Glenwood Training