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Durwell Equine Naturals

Cool + Zen: Calming Blend for Horses

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Promotes relaxation without sedation

150g (18 servings), 250g (30 servings), 850g (100 servings) and 2.5kg (300 servings)- by request

Cool + Zen  

The product can be used daily or at times of heightened stress like trailering, horse shows, or environment change.


  • Supports ability to recover from stress and anxiety
  • Promotes calm and focus without reducing good energy
  • Reduces stress and agitation that comes along with showing, trailering, clipping and weather changes
  • Can be used in combination with Focus + Zen Chews
  • Certified drug free by BSCG

From our customers:

"Cool + Zen has been an incredible product for my horses. Most importantly, it is FEI safe, but I also love that the research behind the product is truly backed by science, with three bio-science Ph.D.s on Durwell’s team.

Cool + Zen has completely transformed one of my more anxious horses. Before he started on the product, I couldn’t walk him down the bridle path at busy horse shows. Now, he walks calmly and confidently in high traffic areas. Cool + Zen can be used daily or as needed in stressful situations.

My horses find Cool + Zen palatable, and it hasn’t affected my horses’ personalities or athleticism. They keep their energy, but without an anxious edge. I’m grateful to Durwell for their wonderful product and great customer service!" - Sabine Cooper

Gatsby is usually a chill orange horse but during the fall/winter times usually beginning in September he can get a little spicy. Using Cool and Zen has made a big difference in just keeping him as his usual self. It helps him relax and just take the chilly edge off.  --Paige B & Gatsby

"I have seen clear effects of Durwell products on the horses I work with. I have seen horses that are much happier due to their improved mobility, and the calming products show clear effects to calm horses that are in stressful situations. I have seen great effects with the calming bites when dealing with horses that may be otherwise difficult to shoe. "
– James, Farrier

"Durwell products have changed my horse in the best ways possible. Joints + Mobility has allowed her to reach new potentials in all aspects of our riding; she went from being a four fault horse to going double clear in almost every class. Curc + Care has kept her legs, which are usually prone to swelling, nice and tight, especially at shows. One of my favorite products is the Cool + Zen, which has allowed her to now be able to go from high speed jump offs to top placings in the equitation ring. Thank you Durwell for bringing out the best in my mare."
– Vanessa

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