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We focus on the health of our equine partners who play a special role in our lives. As biomedical scientists, we understand how key ingredients ultimately contribute to improved equine health, very much like our own human health.

Sabine Cooper, Kormendy Farms

 "Cool + Zen has been an incredible product for my horses. Most importantly, it is FEI safe, but I also love that the research behind the product is truly backed by science, with three bio-science Ph.D.s on Durwell’s team.

Cool + Zen has completely transformed one of my more anxious horses. Before he started on the product, I couldn’t walk him down the bridle path at busy horse shows. Now, he walks calmly and confidently in high traffic areas. Cool + Zen can be used daily or as needed in stressful situations.

My horses find Cool + Zen palatable, and it hasn’t affected my horses’ personalities or athleticism. They keep their energy, but without an anxious edge. I’m grateful to Durwell for their wonderful product and great customer service!"

Cool + Zen

Calming Collection

Calming Collection

Calming Collection

Our calming products: Support ability to recover from stress & anxiety Help... 

Not sure which Calming Chews to try...

Every horse is unique and it may be hard to know which calming product will help in different situations.  We have put together these Combo packs to allow you to test both of our calming chews, either alone or in combination. We also have a mini calming box which includes a trial size of the Cool + Zen supplement for additional support. 

Focus + Zen LT+ chews promote calm and focus. Fous + Zen RH+ chews promote greater relaxation. Neither cause sedation, allowing horses to maintain its good energy. They support calm behavior and help maintain normal composure to environmentally induced stress e.g. horse shows, weather changes, etc.

Our Focus + Zen calming chews are certified drug free (LT and RH).

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What our customers have to say...

Tricia Kelly, Owner - Certified Practioner at Healing Hooves and Paws

Our horses love Durwell products. We use multiple products including Cool + Zen, Curc + Care and Joints + Mobility on a daily basis and have been for over two years now. We have seen a huge difference when it comes to performance for all our show horses young and old. We have tried other supplements in the past but have had the best results with Durwell products. Our horses are happy, we are happy!

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Meet Durwell Rider, Holly Grayton, Head Trainer, Coach & Senior VP Grayton Farms

"We came to use the Durwell products in the most organic way; I started using the calming chews for one of our nervous young horses and have had great success with them. Since then, I have used Cool+Zen as a wonderful addition for our hunters. I have been most impressed by the palatability and effectiveness!

When you think of anti-inflammatory the most common assumption is to think of joint and muscle aches and pains, but when Curc+Care was suggested to us this summer with our horses' lungs in mind I was excited to try. We had a very smoky summer and our horses travelled in the thick of it many times. We are so happy to have had the anti inflammatory support from this product and we really feel the horses thrived this summer in what could have been a much more difficult time for them physically!

Arthur has been on the Joints + Mobility for a while now and I have to say he feels really super! He banged his leg, and it was quite big and hot but in 2 days it came completely back to normal. I have no doubt the combination of the Joints+Mobility and Curc+Care really helped him heal quickly! At his age (17) these things can drag on a little longer than the young horses.

For more information see the American Association of Equine Practitioners below

Further Reading

HEV and Antiviral Activity of Curcumin

As scientists we have reviewed the literature about Herpes Equine Virus and found a number of published papers showing that curcuminoids, the active ingredients in Durwell’s Curc+Care, are effective in minimizing herpes infections. Also, stress can be a reason for re-activation of herpes viruses and those of you using our Cool+Zen and Focus+Zen products will know how effective they are at reducing anxiety.

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